Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cooking Day

Yesterday, my mom told me to cook.
I cook anything freed.
I decide to cook phuyunghai and kopyor..
hihihi, I love cooking

materials :
- eggs
- salt
- meat ball
- carrot
- leeks

sauce :
- tomato
- chilli sauce
- onion
- garlic
- salt
- sugar

to create:
- Beat egg
- Enter the leek, carrot and meatballs
- Add a little salt
- Fried egg
- saute onion and garlic
- add tomato, salt, sugar and chilli sauce
- stir all materials

and then,
stir all ingredients together

This is it.. yummy :)

I eat until satiated once and stay laundry dishes, lol

Oh yea! i also make kopyor..
like this,

yippi! i like cooking. hihihi


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